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Pre-Peace Corps

I got the official word that I am going to Cambodia and I couldn’t be more excited!

I was emotionally prepared to go to Africa although I am happy to go whereever I am needed!

I know that I will make the best of any oppurtunity and I am looking forward to this amazing chapter of my life!

My official Title is Health Education Extension Agent.  For those of you who are not familiar with job roles of the Peace Corps (as i’m sure most of you aren’t) this means that I will be working at a health center at a District or Commune level.  I will also be responsible for developing wellness programs.  This is a loaded statement but since wellness programs are pretty non-existant, this will be a unique undertaking that is essential for the community in which I’ll be placed. 

Development of this program will be a very unique undertaking as the entire Cambodian Health Care system was essentially dismantled by the Khmer Rouge, who targeted anyone with an education for elimination in the period of 1975-79.  Cambodia also has alarmingly high rates of maternal death and infant mortality, as well as the highest prevelance of HIV and tuberculosis in Asia.

The next 60 days will be pretty busy as I will be getting a number of things in order.  This will include getting a jump on learning the Khmer language.  Yes, the Khmer language seems difficult to learn but I openly welcome this challenge.  How many people can say they speak Khmer?  If anyone knows of any good Khmer tutors in the Cincinnati area let me know!  Online courses and books will have to do:) 

If I am missing an e-mail address please let me know!


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